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With the help of experienced and professional man power, and also the most advanced design and execution tools, with increasing local and international fame, we have comprised ourselves to gain customer satisfaction. While reaching this goal and offering perfect services and goods is the worth of each Iranian person, we believe that the most valuable investment of this firm is its customers. It has been based on this believe that we have been able to design, consult and execute commercial projects such as Hypermarkets, supermarkets, fast foods plazas, confectionaries, bakeries, coffee shops, boutiques, exhibition stands, offices, and so on…… All that needs to be done is to have a glance at the Dina’s projects during that past few years. All this experiences have transformed us into one of the best in the field. We are fully aware of our mission and orders from the board of directors with commitment to their flawless instincts; an obvious commitment that you see in our work. Now, we are privileged to have 270 people with different expertise in our firm; such as, engineers, designers, along with a strong financial team. We hope to gain your satisfaction with our customer satisfaction based system.

The followings are a part of our services which have more details that based on each project we expand them.
1. Consulting customers in order to divide their commercial areas based on their usage. 
2. Space calculation based on the urban context of the project location. 
3. Reviewing the target markets and consulting customer to the right way of investment in that target society. 
4. 2D render of space arrangement in shops and markets including cold rooms, fridges, and even work spaces or storage areas. 
5. Providing installation plan, based on the design and point of sales arrangement
6. Design and providing the cold areas needed based on your space
7. 3D design of sales area arrangements 
8. 3D render of all sales areas and shelving
9. Providing all the equipment used in 3D designs and their after sales services 
10. Cooperation and consult in order to manage and run big markets

What They Say

 "Established in 2002, Dina design department implements the interior decoration projects for hypermarkets, supermarkets, shops, restaurants, coffee shops, confectionery shops, etc.


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